Home Solution 2
HS2 is a Home solution similar to Home Solution 1 but having square shape. It provides convenience for lighting & Air conditioning controls by using only one Remote unit. There is also Smart light which is used as a passage light which will be lit automatically when you walk passing it. It can also be used as Emergency, Torch and Night light as well.

Lighting Switches
The product consists of Switch panel and Relay box (one set for one lighting circuit). The panel is a square shape, mounted on 3? x 3? flush mounted electrical junction box. There is a built-in infrared receiver which will receive the commands from Remote unit. Blue LED indicator around the switch is showing ON/OFF status. It can be set to be ON while the lamp is ON or OFF or not showing any status.
220-240 VAC,50/60 Hz.
Electrical Rating
Resistive load max 8A at 250 VAC
Inductive load max 3A at 250 VAC
Switch can be one way, multi-way and Dimming type (Incandescent & Halogen lamps).
One way switch panel
It is used to control lighting from a local panel or using Remote unit. There are 3 types,

  • HS2 – M – 1 which is a 1 switch panel.
  • HS2 – M – 2 which is a 2 switch panel.
  • HS2 – M – 4 which is a 4 switch panel.
Wiring diagram
Use 1.5 mm power wire connect from power supply to Relay box and then to lamps. Use 0.65 mm. diameter signal wire run from Relay box to switch.

Wiring diagram 1 switch panel


Wiring diagram 2 switch panel


Wiring diagram 4 switch panel

Multi-way switch panel
To turn on/off lighting at several locations can be done with Master – Slave concept. Remote unit can also be used by pointing to either Master or Slave switch panel. One Master switch panel can be connected to 1 or 2 Slave switch panels. Standard one way switch can be used as Master switch.
There are 3 types of Slave switch :
  • HS2 – S – 1 is a Slave 1 switch panel.
  • HS2 – S – 2 is a Slave 2 switch panel.
  • HS2 – S – 4 is a Slave 4 switch panel.
Wiring diagram
There are many applications for Multi – way switch. For example : Master 2- switch panel can be used with Slave 1 or 2-switch panel.
Note : No. of switch on Master panel shall be more or equal to No. of switch on Slave panel.
hs2_multi_wiring1 hs2_multi_wiring2


One way Switch
Multi-way Switch
Switch can be addressed from Switch 1-7.
Lighting can be turned on/off at several locations.
Using Remote unit to turn on/off lighting.
Blue LED indicator showing on/off status or not showing.
Master off several lighting circuits which switches are located in the same area.
Time on/off for today or everyday operation.

User can control the air conditioner at local thermostat panel or using Remote unit (the same one which control lighting). There are blue LED indicators for Room temperature and Fan status matching with LED on Lighting panel.
Power Supply
220-240 VAC,50/60 Hz.
Electrical Rating
Compressor relay
max 7A(resistive) at 250 VAC
max 3A(inductive) at 250 VAC
Fan relay
max 7A(resistive) at 250 VAC
max 3A(inductive) at 250 VAC
Wiring diagram

It is a dream light that combines all smart features. Plug it into electrical receptacle and just move the front switch to select the following functions.

  • Motion light : With a built-in motion sensor and Light Dependent Resistor (LDR), the light will be automatically turned ON when there is a detected movement and a dark surrounding.
  • Night light : The light will be automatically turned ON when the surrounding is dark and will be turned OFF when there is enough brightness.
  • Emergency light : Light will be automatically turned ON when there is a power failure.
  • Torch light : Smart Light unit can be unplugged from electrical receptacle and use it as a Torch light.