i-NET Building Automation System
i – NET is a Building Automation System (BAS) which manages Power / Energy usage of Electrical equipments such as air conditioners, lightings, machines, etc. These equipments can be either

  • locally operated by using local switches or
  • centrally operated by using PC.

i-NET provides the software which offers a lot of enhanced features including Floor plan monitoring / control. Any equipments can be programmed to operate according to the scheduling. For example lighting and air conditioners can be programmed to operate during the office hours only and local control function cannot be adjusted from unauthorized person.
For Air conditioning system, i – NET also provides the controllers that include thermostats and controlled features. The lowest and highest temperature can be programmed for energy saving purpose.
The communication between Master unit & Equipment controllers is RS485 interface using 3 core signal cable with multi-drop connection. The PC is connected to Master unit by RS232 interface.


Block Diagram

If the system is connected to the Internet network, then the Equipment can be controlled via Internet.
Key Features
  • Up to 512 equipment modules including Lighting module and Thermostat can be installed.
  • Each Lighting module can turn ON/OFF up to 4 Lighting circuits or Electrical equipments.
  • Air conditioning unit thermostat provides all Air conditioning unit features, no external thermostat is required.
  • Local controls can be done at the switches or Air conditioning unit keypad.
  • Central control is via PC.
  • Scheduling can be set up to 18 events per day.
  • Holiday settings.
  • All setting parameters are kept in a non volatile memory in Lighting module/Thermostat.
  • All settings can be individual or group programming.
  • Minimum & maximum temperature setting can be set for each Air conditioning unit.
  • Lock of operation for local switches & Air conditioning unit keypads to prevent any changes from Unauthorized person.
  • 4 classes of service for system protection from Unauthorized person.
  • Data log file and usage time report for the operational analysis.

System Overview
Master unit
Master unit is a Central control unit used as an interface unit for all other devices. For example, when Air conditioning unit keypad is pressed, Master unit will receive the signal and transmit to update the information at PC.
Dio-04 Lighting module
Lighting module is a DIN rail device used to control/monitor lighting or any electrical equipment. Each module provides 4 drivers to activate the relays which are also DIN rail type. The relay has LED indicator for its contact status and can be manually override for emergency purpose.
Power supply unit
Power supply unit supplies 12 VAC source to Lighting modules. Each unit can supply up to 4 modules.
Lighting modules & Power supply unit are installed inside the cabinet. The cabinet is custom designed to fit number of devices in each floor.
Thermostat is used to control/monitor Fan coil unit of Air conditioning system. It will communicate with Master unit via RS-485 interface.
The system provides i–WEB software so that Authorized users can monitor/control all equipments via Internet.