Intronics BM-20 BILI-METER

Intronics BM-20 is a spectroradiometer designed specifically for measuring the light intensity of neonatal phototherapy (Bili-light) treatment. The diode-array sensor has flat responsivity range between 425nm – 475nm. The meter measures irradiance in units of micro-watts per square centimeter per nanometer. Intronics BM-20 can be used with blue-LED, blue-light fluorescent and fiber-optic phototherapy unit.

Feature and Benefits:
 Easy one button operation
 Separated probe, ideal for both over-the-head and bed type phototherapy unit
 National Institute of Metrology (Thailand): NIMT traceable accuracy

 Setting blue-light intensity before each patient treatment
 Periodic maintenance of phototherapy unit
 Monitoring light intensity and aging of blue-light source